Wexford-Savannah Students

Students have played a critical role in the Wexford-Savannah Axis.  Undergraduate students from the Georgia Southern University Honors Program participating in the Honors Inquiry in Ireland program have spent countless hours in archives and in the field making discoveries regarding the connections between Wexford and Savannah.  In addition, these students have participated in delivering research findings to dozens of audiences in Wexford Town, New Ross, Savannah, Georgia, and Bluffton, South Carolina. 

Georgia Southern University students’ utilization of under-exploited primary sources at the Wexford County Archive is invaluable in building an appreciation of how economic, political, and cultural developments in mid-nineteenth-century Wexford precipitated a unique emigration pathway to Savannah.
— Gráinne Doran, Director and Chief Archivist, Wexford County Archive

2014 Participants

Maria Amiel, Renah Tyson, Lydia Biggs, Sarah Ryniker, Kayleigh Hunter, Sarah Holmes, Katherine Sellers , James Devlin, Micah Mills, Lauren Gorla, Aleyna Rentz.

2015 Participants

Scott Oswald,  Rachel Doggett, Bailey Nipper, Kayla Allen, Justin Kemple, Olivia Perdue,  Brittany Sealey,  Mikel Ballard,   Kayla Anderson, Aleyna Rentz

2016 Participants

Kasi Bitter, Maria Amiel, Renah Tyson, , Marian Trainor, Hannah Dorough, Kionna Kanoyton, Brianna Smith, Sarah Ryniker, Mitchell Mayes, John Parker, Jarvis Steele,  Brittany Sealey, Mallary McGahee, Rachel Doggett

2017 Participants

Kelley Nemec, Michelle Daly, Brittany Hollowell, Mitchell Mayes, Jarvis Steele, Bayley Morgan, Cadence Dwyer, Noelle Anderson, Bernadette O'Donnell